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I’m in the midst of transferring a lot of my old stuff over to this new site. 聽I’m also cleaning up what wouldn’t transfer (videos, pics, links, etc) and editing errors that I still continue to find.

Hang tight and before you know it an all new page will be launched and full of goodies for you to read.

I’ve got a few blogs in the works as soon as this is up and running!

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Did Obama Commit Political Suicide?

Newsweek declares President Barack Obama the country's first gay president following his endorsement of same-sex marriage.

I, personally, am a supporter of President Obama and I am elated that he stepped forward to announce his support of gay marriage.  I believe he has earned the honor of the Gaylo that Newsweek donned on their cover this week.  I’ve heard the argument that this was a political move on his part and nothing more.  I happen to disagree.  Claiming support for gay marriage the day after NC just overturned gay and civil unions by a large margin is more of a political risk than a political gain.  I applaud Obama for taking a stand that challenges our country to provide equality for each and every citizen.

Dan SavageIn honor of International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia  I am celebrating the revolution and encouraging people to vote in a way that ends the negative views and bullying of our homosexual citizens.  It’s no longer acceptable to sit quietly and ignore the issue.

I highly encourage you to listen to Dan Savage’s take on Obama’s declaration.  I think it’s very powerful.
Savage will give you the gay perspective while at the same time calling out the hyperbole declared by conservative news stations like Fox News and Limbaugh who both claim “Obama has declared a war on marriage”.
Listen until the 11:45 mark and not a second past 11:45 for those of you who are sexually conservative!  The following segment(s) on the Savage Lovecast may actually scare you 馃檪

Or if you don’t like to listen and you’d rather watch a great take on how historic this is and why it’s necessary watch this clip from Rachel Maddow…

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I’ve been traveling a bit over the last month and since I don’t own a laptop or netbook or IPad I’ve been without a means to blog. Still have lots to say just not the tools to follow through. That said I have one more adventure to embark on. Tonight my oldest and I travel to DC for the Reason Rally. After that I’ll be back writing this and more: Sex and God: the book Pura Vida My Take on the Reason Rally True Love The GOP

Warning Labels for Reality Checks


I’ve been reading the debates about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and enjoyed the many  responses to the cover and inside photos.  I particularly liked the reader who suggested that “small print” be applied.  Ultimately I’d like to end up on the side with the commenter who asks why we can’t just appreciate real bodies but in truth we rarely ever present ourselves untouched.  Every time we apply makeup, style or color our hair, shave our legs/pits/bikinis, wax our brows, whiten our teeth, paint our nails, or wear our spanx we are presenting a retouched version of ourselves.  So since we all enjoy the desire of seeing the fantastical I think the label of all parts retouched is a brilliant idea.  Might keep us in the reality that NOBODY is quite this perfect.
On a side note, I appreciate that SI chose a young woman who has some sag to her breasts (not that I don’t still envy the little bit of sag she has) but it’s a nice change not seeing youthful, silicone breasts that are up to her chin…you know another part of the fiction they usually like to sell men and women alike.

Here are the comments from The Good Men Project.

This comment was from Bob on the post Cover Me, I鈥檓 Going In: SI Swimsuit Edition 2012
Folks, EVERY image is photoshopped. From the cover to the tiniest contributor pic. They are ALL photoshopped. NO waxer plucked out all of her hairs, someone like me painted them out, or at least the ones that were missed. Her nipples were removed too, and wherever that suit (whatever there is of it) had an uncomfortable intersection with her body, a retoucher like me smoothed it out. Her hands were photoshopped, they would be bluish compare to the rest of her otherwise. Go ahead, look at your hands under real bright light. Yours are bluer than your arms too. Her hairline, her teeth, her fingernails, her legs. IT鈥橲 ALL RETOUCHING. Her breasts? Don鈥檛 get me started. The fact that someone thought they weren鈥檛 photoshopped is a compliment to someone like me, not her. It just means they were NICELY photoshopped. No disrespect to her, no body part of any one of us is magazine ready when in front of the camera. Not you, not me, not her.
  • DavidLots of women wish they looked like Kate Upton, including Kate Upton!

    2 hours ago 路 Like 路  6
  • NicoleI think some retouching is great!! But maybe there should be small print as to the changes that were made so we don’t hold all women up to these fake standards –

    2 hours ago 路 Like 路  4
  • Sarinwhy is any of it great? why can’t we be okay with seeing human beings in their actual form, with wrinkles and uneven skintone and body hair and nipples and body fat?

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Coming Back Soon


I’ve been on a little hiatus from writing as my life had become somewhat hectic and overwhelming.  I often think about sitting down at the computer and transferring some of my thoughts/anger/confusion/love but I unfortunately have not had the space or capacity to do that.  But I feel it.  I’m almost ready to return to my desk and start back up with some great topics that have been festering within me.
Homosexuality (Coming Out in a Christian Home…a personal story)
Forgiveness (another tricky word)
Deprogramming (all the ways I’m having to deprogram my christian mind)
Noah’s Ark (lots of questions that can only be chalked up to miraculous)
Montessori (the best kind of schooling EVER)
Going back to college
Redefining morality (that’s a scary place)
Proselytizing and Converting (should atheists be doing it?)
Feminist in the Making
Finished Books (The Christianity Delusion, Love and Pornography, The Greatest Show on Earth)
Depression is not a non-christian disease
Answering the Letters I Get (yes, I do get them)
And, of course, back with That’s Whack Wednesdays for stories of the religious crazies in our world (Bachmann, Perry, Ham, Driscoll, Beck and so many more)

So as you can see I haven’t stopped writing because I’ve run out of topics.  I simply have not afforded myself the time or energy.  But it’s time to crack my knuckles and start tapping the keys again.  I can’t wait!