Currently I am living an awesome expat life in Costa Rica.  I’m joyously married 20


About to take our first motorcycle adventure

years to my high school sweetheart and am raising 4 rambunctious young boys (J, P, S, and G).  Two of our boys are adopted making us a multicultural family with a mix of American, Mexican, and Kazakh flare.  I’m very passionate about adoption and special needs issues.
I am a Certified Wellness Life Coach and run a business called SoGoodSoPure.  In my coaching practice I work with women helping them to shed shame and step in to a life that is authentically in alignment with their highest self.  I also teach families how to be empowered with their physical, emotional, and spiritual health by getting back to the basics of clean eating, body movement, meditation, chemical-free living, plant medicine, and essential oils.

I am of the belief that every day we have the power to be proactive with our well

Haiti Trip 8-2010 773

Chillin’ on a corner in Haiti

being. We can design a life that balances whole body wellness…mind, body, spirit and we can design that life with ease.  Finding that balance and maintaining that balance is a life long journey so why not journey together?!?


In addition to being a family girl and wellness coach, I also have a degree in animal science and still carry my certification as a Vet Tech.  My interests include writing, distance running, cycling, paddle boarding (SUP), hiking, clean eating, essential oils, nature, photography, traveling, RVs and tents, reading, adventures, organizing, good beer, acoustic music, and most recently, hooping.  
Thinking With Vitality is my voice in this journey called life. My hope is that each of us will question what we “know”.  Challenge ourselves and one another to think outside the box and be open to being vulnerable, honest, and sometimes uncomfortable.  No topics or discussions are off limits!  Happy Reading.  

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