*I, by no means, claim to be a poet but sometimes I get inspired to try my hand at something a little more poetic in nature.  Tonight I was inspired while sitting on my deck watching the eclipse with a cup of hot tea and a warm blanket (and frankly, a loud rumbling train 100 feet away!).


A distant observer
Tiny and insignificant
The Universe moving forward
Without permission
She knows her path
Her destiny
I am a spectator
A pin prick of existence
Standing in awe of 
Her Presence
Her Power
Her Knowing
She moves ever slowly
Winking an acknowledgement
I am here
Me, a heartbeat
A breathing speck of Life
Of Love
She, a Giver
A Mother
Her Womb Full of Energy
I receive her gift
I breathe it in
Darkness turns red
Total Eclipse
A moment for the lessers
To shine
So Brightly
For She birthed them
Nurtured them to Power
We are One
Celestial Beings
Here to shine Light
And Love
Part of a Whole
Wrapped in the arms
Of the ultimate Mother
Her Light returns
Reflected back to me
I look up
Raise my hands
And bow my head
In gratitude


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