Connection Remembrances


One of the most uplifting entries we posted in our spiritual journals this weekend was something called connections.  This is where we journal about our spiritual lives.  The stepping stones that brought us to the point we are now and the connections that we’ve had in which we felt that life was as it should be.  Those moments when we felt truly truly connected to something beyond ourselves. For ten minutes we logged moments in our lives when we felt connected to something or someone.  Here is my ten minute list (which is by no means every connection I’ve experienced).  On a lonely night like tonight it’s hard to feel anything less than thankful after reading this.

1.  K-Care with P and S

2.  Chloe snuggled up with me during pregnancy

3.  Ritz C drooling on me in contentment

4.  “Hello” sex with Adam

5.  The sunrise on Haleakala in Maui as the woman sang to the sun god

6.  Awakening all my senses in the Costa Rican rainforest

7.  Skinny dipping in Kauai waterfall

8.  Adam holding my face two weeks ago and truly seeing me

9.  My mom listening to stories I wrote when I was a kid

10.  E crying because of my gift of vulnerability

11.  The first time G asked me to kiss him

12.  My dad sharing his life stories with me

13.  Adam commenting on my blogs

14.  Sunday morning runs with Jody

15.  Sunday morning runs with Alexis

16.  One of the first times I smoked weed and I was in touch with every part of my body

17.  Jason Mraz concert with Brenna

18.  Dr Nissen healing me

19.  My dad caring for me when I recovered from my pancreatic surgery

20.  Singing lullabies to J in the orphanage as he slept in my arms

21.  Common Grounds…being naked with strangers

22.  Kerby in Haiti

23.  Lying on my back at Soldier Trail and watching shooting stars

24.  Nursing a baby javelina back to health by teaching it to suckle milk off my chin

25.  Holding Shadow as he passed

26.  A friend sharing secrets she had never told anyone because she trusted me

27.   My son, P,  sharing a secret with me that freed him

28.  J sitting on the front of my SUP while we navigated the river

29.  San Diego to Tucson bike trip to raise money for Tucson group homes

30.  Watching the Swifts as a family

31.  Watching whales

32.  Setting a spider free instead of killing it

33.  When my sons brush my hair

34.  Snuggled in bed with Adam when our lives were turned upside down after CFA and we stayed up all night planning a new adventure

35.  Masturbation without shame for the first time (a deep connection to myself)

36.  Being with any animal that I was putting to sleep

37.  Double Rainbow right off my porch

38.  Running across the finish line of Raluca’s first marathon

39.  Lying on a picnic table watching the stars at Crater Lake

40.  Handing a homeless man my coffee and putting my hand on his shoulder

41.  Listening to the “crazy” woman as she told me her life story and then said, “nobody has ever sat and listened to me” and then she started to cry

42.  Sending my MIL a letter telling her what a beautiful son she has and how thankful I am for him

43.  The moment I realized there was an entire community of atheists coming out of religion

44.  When my brother told me he is gay

45.  When I danced in the rain in Haiti

46.  When I ate the first tomato I’ve ever grown

47.  Every time I was sick and my sister would care for me….she’d even put an IV in me when needed

48.  Team Ba Donka Donk

These are just the moments that were at the forefront of my memory.  I’m sure I have hundreds if not thousands more connected moments.  If you’re ever feeling blue I suggest taking ten minutes to do this exercise.  You’ll hopefully recognize just how rich your life is and how important it is to keep on connecting.



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  1. I love how beautifully your words flow out and create such intimate, authentic, inspiring entries. You have had such a profound impact on my life, and I am honored to have been included on your list. <3!


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