Dialogue with Tree


treesgreatwallAnother lovely entry from my spiritual workshop.  Here we were asked to meditate and write down a few images that came to us.  And then we were to choose one of those images as wisdom and to dialogue with them.  I chose Tree.

A:  Tree, how many years have you inhabited this space?

T:  Thousands, my friend.

A:  Do you know how many times I have walked past you without observing your existence?

T:  Probably as many years as I have been alive.  But you are not alone.  Nobody notices me until they need something from me.

A:  Ah, I know that feeling.  Humans are unobservant about other humans too.  Until they need something.

T:  Yes, I know this well.  I have observed many over my lifetime.  You humans are an unaware, greedy bunch.

A:  Yes, we are.  I’m on a path to more awareness.  I started seeing you when I stopped believing a god made me most important.  I’m sorry I didn’t notice you before.

T:  We are all from the same god.  The universe has birthed each of us.  All equally important.  Many don’t realize that we need to dance a dance of unity.

A:  What do you mean?

T:  If people continue to see me and my fellow non-human life as disposable they will continue to rape and pillage the lands.  When they take our lives they are in turn killing themselves.  We have as much meaning and use as you.  You need us

A:  Do you have a life story and would you share it with me?

T:  I would like that.  Just sit beneath me.  Touch my scars.  Smell my scent.  Listen to the lives of my leaves as the wind rustles through them.  Be with me.  Breathe me in.  On our inhale my story will fill you.

A:  I’m breathing in.  I feel your bark beneath my fingers.  I feel the protection of your shade.  I witness the full scale of your being.  Your leaves are singing.  I see the home you’ve given to the birds.  They praise you.  You are wise.  Solid.  Majestic.  Peace.  You are god.

T:  As are you, my friend.  I see in you what you see in me.  You are wise.  You are love.  You are solid.  You are peace. You are majestic.  You too are god.

A:  So god is within us?

T:  God IS me.  God IS you.  We are all equal.  Thank you for seeing me.

A:  My privilege.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

T:  Namaste

A:  Namaste


Feedback:  This tells me that my spiritual health requires that I get in nature more.  I would prefer to live in nature but if that’s not possible, I need to hike and SUP more often.


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  1. When I think of the wisdom that comes from attending a Progoff Journal Workshop, THAT is what I’m talking about!


    Thank you, Adam

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