Positively Significant


*Spoiler alert*

Okay, it’s true.  I am a complete sap and the people at Lego played right in to the easy task of making me cry.  Right from the get go I began to get that little knot in my throat.  From the moment when Emmet hears what his “friends” really think about him.  To believe that one is insignificant is a truly painful story.

I have told myself that story for most of my life.  I have believed that my being introverted makes me less valuable and less valued.  I have believed that I am less significant than my husband.  He’s always been the outgoing, good looking, fun to be around, successful, and always remembered one of the relationship.  I have simply been the support staff in his shadow.

I choked up because at one point or another we all believe the lie that we don’t matter.  That we are not masters of anything.  My boys will (or have) experienced the pain of being unnoticed and rejected at times.  And the story they will sell themselves is that they are insignificant.  Worthless.  It’s an easy story to sell one’s self.

Fast forward to the end when the dad realizes he has become the bad guy in his son’s story and I just about fill my soda cup with tears.  These moments when we are able to see ourselves and the pain we cause others are the moments that slap us into consciousness.

I had my wake up call last week.  Adam had filmed a really special moment happening in our family.  I made a comment thinking that

courtesy of sun times

courtesy of sun times

I was being joyful and fun and adding positively to the interaction.  I was unaware.  The moment shifted and the joy left.

After watching the fun dissolve, I decided to watch the video and I was completely open to what I might see.  And what I saw humbled me greatly.  I had caused the shift.  My comment caused a child to feel stuck in the middle and that child lost his spark.  He had every right to feel that way because I was sitting there looking sour, unhappy, bothered.  My face was frowning.  My eyes tired.  My comment not witty or amusing at all.  The message was all over my face.

Playing back that video was my slap into consciousness and I’m forever grateful for the sting.  Without the ability to rewind and observe myself from my family’s perspective, I would not be aware of my shortcomings.  I would not have been given a catalyst for dynamic change within myself.

I am not insignificant just as Emmet was not insignificant.  I am significant to each and every person I am in relation with.  I am significant to each and every moment that I breathe.  I can choose to be a positive significance or a negative significance.

I am choosing positive.  I’m tearing apart the Legos, throwing out the glue, and making changes to become the good guy in my boys’ and husband’s stories.

It’s never too late to write a new story and create a happy ending.

“Everything is awesome.
Everything is cool when you’re part of a team.
Everything is awesome, when we’re living our dream.”


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  1. I didn’t realize that you were still posting on here…..I followed the link from the tree dialogue (beautiful!) and saw this. We saw this movie in Disney and Zack and I got all teary-eyed as well. ❤


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