Higher Intelligence?


I often question if we, as humans, are really as evolved or created in god’s image (whichever you fancy) as we think we are.  Are we really of higher intelligence?  Here are just a few moments when I question the overall intelligence of my species.

Watering Holes

I don’t see much of a difference between animals cooling off and trying to attract potential mates at the watering hole vs. humans crowding in a pool to cool off and showing off their best bodies to attract the opposite sex.  Are we really that different? amandagriffin_etosha_np_02

Photo: The most crowded swimming pool in the w...

(Photo credit: weirdchina)

“Owning” Pets

The evolved species thought crossed my mind the other day as I was walking my dog and I stopped while he did his business.  I was standing there patiently waiting for him to take a dump so I could pick up his shit.  Hmmmm….and I think I am the one who is evolved?  He’s the one who has me picking up shit.  Nobody picks up my shit.  I pay his housing bills, food bills, medical bills, I’m his personal trainer, his masseuse, housekeeper, shit cleaner, his stylist and he doesn’t pay me to do this!  No, I voluntarily paid to do all these things.  Yeah, I’m not feeling so intelligent right about now.  BTW, I do indeed love my dog just in case that needed to be clarified.


The one who owns me

Pick Your Poison

We are so evolved that we knowingly and willingly kill ourselves.  Nuclear bombs? Sure, why not.  Cigarettes?  Hell yeah!  Fast food?  Yum!  Heroin?  Sounds awesome!  You want to spray our foods with pesticides, inject our meat with hormones, and use mass amounts of GMOs?  What a great plan!  You say there’s a giant fault line right here?  I say build a city on it!  Trees clean our air?  Cut them down!  Condoms prevent STDs?  Nah, too complicated!  Carbon and methane emissions harm me, my kids, and our planet?  Make my car bigger and put more beef on my plate!

We have knowledge and yet we choose to partake in what kills us anyhow.  This makes me think we are the biggest idiots on the planet!  I see it this way…when an animal sees a red toad, it turns the other way.  Instinct tells it, “yikes, that’ll kill me…I’ll find something else to eat.”  Humans see a “red toad” and we’re like, “we should lick that thing and see what it does.”

Foto de una carretera en la cual se destacan a...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heroin syringe

(Photo credit: Thomas Marthinsen)

Intent_to_Lick_Toad.Par.89380.ImageFileThese are just a few examples of ways I think we are less progressive than we believe.  We have an overpopulated planet with millions suffering from inadequate food and water sources, yet we still want to tackle the abortion/morning after/birth control issues.

World population in 2012 was 2 times greater than it was in 1965, 4 times greater than 1910, and 10 times greater than 1730.

Americans alone waste nearly enough food each and every day to fill the Rose Bowl.  We’re rapidly killing off our food and water supplies (watering lawns in the desert!).  Countries like Haiti are so heavily deforested that they can no longer use lumber to provide energy for themselves or protect their country from landslides, erosion and pollution.  It goes on and on and on….

I think we just might be on the fast path to eliminating our species and taking the entire goddamn planet with us.  That’s a bummer.


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