I Heart PDX


Last week we celebrated one year in Portland, Oregon, and it seems only appropriate that I give a shout out to this great city.  Oh how I love you, PDX.

I love that when I let a guy in to traffic, he opened up his sunroof and flashed me a peace sign.

I love the guy who saw us driving our dumpy RV and grinned a huge smile and gave us a rock on gesture.

I love that the crowd cheers during ET when Elliot sets the frogs free to save them from dissection.

I love that parents start hollering, whistling, and literally cheering when Turbo starts inching toward the finish line.  

I love that people gather every night during Sept to watch the Swifts.  And not only do they watch, they cheer when they escape the predatory falcon that is looking for dinner.

I love that cars stop all the time for pedestrians and cyclists.  They really share the road.

I love that I can have pizza and a growler delivered on a bike.

I love Little Free Libraries and Poetry Posts.

I love the acts of kindness that are in abundance.  The man who jumped out of his car and helped an elderly lady cross the street.  The man who paid for a woman on the bus because she couldn’t find her money.  Those people are the majority.

I love the creative yard decor.  Signs that say “free leaves”.  Houses covered in angry demonstration of our government.  Houses whose yards are covered in bowling balls, dummy heads on stakes, and all sorts of crazy artistic expression.

I love front yard, community and curbside gardens.

I love that I can be a vegetarian or a vegan or just a conscious consumer and most businesses accommodate whatever choices you’ve made for your lifestyle.

I love that the wellness co-op has gender specific nights and they state…it is not for you to decide what someone’s gender is.  We allow our guests to choose which gender they identify most with.  

I love that I witnessed the most amazing crowd of spectators at the Macklemore concert.  

I love that my trash bin is super tiny and only gets picked up every other week. This has been challenging for a family of six but we’ve gone from filling two giant trash cans per week in Tucson to two or three bags of trash total over two weeks!  I can compost curbside too!

I love the DMV!  No joke!  The staff at the DMV is fun, witty, and super friendly.  Like, I’d totally hang out with these guys!

I love the race signs during the Portland Marathon.  Two of my favorites, “Even our government can’t shut you down” and “You’re running better than our own government”.  

I love all the pink/purple hair, tattoos, body jewelry.  

I love that I just bought my wine in a growler at a wine bar in New Seasons.  New Seasons really is the friendliest grocery store around.

Because New Seasons is just that awesome, I have to tell you another reason I love them.  I love that when my 10 year old asked the florist if her job is peaceful and if she believes the flowers feel pain when they are cut, she did not dismiss him.  Instead she invited him behind the counter, validated his questions, answered his questions, and then began to teach him details about each of the flowers she was busy preparing.  

I love the smell of weed floating out of homes during my morning runs.

I love that the ladies I run with carry their own coffee cups so as not to waste a cup when we get our coffee at Starbucks.  

I love that neighborhoods have block parties.

I love the amount of genuine people.  People who have thrown away their masks, have learned to accept themselves and others.

I love that I only have to go a few blocks before I run in to a beautiful park.

I love all the dogs running freely in each of these parks.

I love that Adam belongs here.  That I belong here.  The my boys can grow up comfortable in their own skin.  

I love that we drive slow.  It’s rare to see someone frantic or in a hurry.  The pace of life is perfect.  

I love the inclusion.  Everywhere we go people invite us in to their lives.

I love that kids are kids.  Parents here are invested.  They aren’t sitting in their phones while their kids play.  Instead they are playing, listening, engaged.

I love our school community.

I love the girls in my book club.

I love the Eagles that fly overhead.

I love the blend of nature and city.

I love the bikes.  They’re everywhere.  They’re unique.  People are riding unicycles, parents are riding around with 3 kids on their bike, some have custom built speakers with music blaring, some have fancy homemade baskets.  Love them all!

I love that people are mindful.  

I love that this is home.  

Thank you Portland for a fantastic first year!  I’m excited to explore even more this coming year.  I still have so many places and things to see!


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