He Said What?!?…(The Uncle Episode)


Lucky for us we had Uncle A (since there are 4 Uncle A’s in our family that leaves him semi-anonymous) here this weekend and Uncle A keeps us rolling with laughter.  After this weekend, Uncle A has earned himself some Thinking With Vitality air time along with the cute things the boys continue to say.  Boys first.  Uncles Second.  Welcome to this edition of He Said What?!?

While tucking G in to bed Thursday night:

G: Mom, has C’s name always been C?  
Me: Yes, she’s had that name since she was a baby.  Just like my name has always been Amy.  
G:  Your name has ALWAYS been Amy?  Even when you were little like me?  
Me:   Yep, always Amy.  
G:  Has Dad’s name always been Adam?  Even when he was a baby?
Me:  Yep, always Adam.  
G:  Will my name always be G?  
Me:  Yes.
G:  Darnit.  Darnit.  Darnit.  I thought my name was going to change when I become a grown up.  

Me:  Really?  What did you think your name was going to be?
G:  I thought when I became an adult I would become Jake.  Yeah, I’ve always thought that I was going to be a Jake when I’m a grown up and that G is just my little kid name.  
Me:  Oh, bummer.  I didn’t realize you were wanting another name.  We can call you Jake if that’s what you prefer.  
G:  No!  That would be weird.  Maybe when I’m a grown up.  Darnit.  I really thought I was gonna be a grown up Jake.

Overheard conversation between G and S (ages 6 and 7):

G:  I warned you, S, not to wear your swim trunks to bed.  I told you and warned you that if you go to bed in swim trunks you’ll wake up with a rash on your penis.  
S:  Well I don’t have a rash on my penis and I went to bed in my swim trunks!
G:  Yes you do have a rash on your penis.  You said you had itchy penis and itchy penis is a rashy penis.  
S:  Whatever, dude.  

Uncle Episode

Standing around in the kitchen eating what little food we had, Uncle A decided to mix frozen raspberries in water instead of trudging to the store for ice cream.  You know, since raspberry water and ice cream are equally delicious…

Uncle A:  Dude, you guys, this shit is so good.  Like amazing good.  You should totally try it.  
The girls:  Yeah, no thanks.  Ice cream sounds way better.  That looks like soggy raspberries in water.  Not tempting at all. 
Adam:  Dude, it’s so good.  This will keep us skinny and happy.
Uncle A:  Man, these raspberries are sooooo good.  I wonder what the ingredients are?  
He starts examining the bag trying to find the ingredient list for raspberries.  While he’s searching, the rest of us are dying with laughter as we await the moment when his mind is blown…
Uncle A:  OMG, it’s just raspberries.  Ingredients:  Raspberries.  That’s it.  
Non stop laughingIMG_1230

*Sadly, I edited out the second Uncle A story as I decided that some people may not get the humor in what was said.  Oh well…I will always have the memory.  Yes, Uncle A, H is pretty nice in spite of all the people he hates.   LOL



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