I Stepped Out the Door And…


Today I got out and logged my first official long training run.  My 18 weeks of marathon training began on Tuesday and today I was scheduled to run 6 miles.  I had a lot of apprehension prior to this morning.  A lot of self doubt.  I have logged one five mile run and not a foot more since June 3, 2012, so six seemed a little daunting.  Adding 20.2 to that number seems downright terrifying!

What they say is true though:cd45df5ba78b734a71cfa54351b170caSo I did it.  I stepped out that front door with no route in mind.  Just the goal to complete 6 miles.  Just finish.

The first mile was painful (especially after the amount of leg work we’ve done in bootcamp the last two weeks).  It was a mile of fidgeting with my headphones (and eventually yanking them out and stuffing them in my pocket), feeling out the new shoes, cringing at the level of noise I make when I breathe, and feeling every pain in my legs.  I had to really make an effort to squelch the doubts and negative self talk.

Parade float at the festival I ran past

Parade float at the festival I ran past

By mile three I had decided on a route (kind of).  I saw signs leading me to the Broadway Bridge which would take me in to downtown and I’ve been dying to run the river front.  So follow the signs I did.  Now I had a game plan, my pace was spot on, my breathing had calmed, my body was in stride, my thoughts were pure and safe from negativity, and I felt the runner in me come alive again.

I continued to run just taking in all the new sights, the new paths.  I turned when something caught my attention, I ran straight when I was on the water, and I just let my feet take me where my spirit wanted to go.  It was liberating.  Exhilarating.  Nourishment for my being. 44b69aeed12511e2934e22000aa800af_5

The completion of mile six chimed on my garmin and I couldn’t believe how quickly my first long run was behind me.  I had done it.  And done it better than I had expected.  Yep, the runner in me has found her voice again.

The water front where I watched the races

The water front where I watched the races

I wrongly assumed that the boys would come get me since I had just run 6 miles and had no money, no water and had zero calories.  But they were busy at home doing chores and picking up mom from her unscheduled running adventure was not top priority.  So I walked and walked and walked discovering more of this beautiful city.  I finally parked myself on a spot of grass, kicked off my shoes and watched the dragon boat races.  Eventually the boys and I met up which made boat racing exciting again as we each cheered for different teams to win.  We finished the day at Rogue Brewery to finally put some calories in this tired body and to, of course, celebrate the first long run of the training season with a fabulous red ale.

Cheers to all you runners out there who are pushing your bodies and your minds beyond what you sometimes believe you are capable of.  Keep on running. IMG_1484


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