Runners Unite

Runners Unite

I am a runner.  It’s part of my make-up.  And fellow runners are my community.  In the last few years I’ve been privileged to run marathons in three beautiful states and while the coveted Boston Marathon is on my dream list, it’s not one I’ve had the opportunity to run.  You don’t have to run the Boston to understand the pain that must have been felt at that race yesterday.  You don’t even have to be a runner.  But any runner who has participated in a large event knows the chaos and mass numbers of tired, weary people who have pushed their bodies to the limit and are highly anticipating that long awaited finish line.  What a nightmare that finish line must have felt like yesterday.  The confusion, the lost loved ones, the fear, and the unknown.  It is with such a heaviness that I run today.  A heaviness that can’t understand what would drive someone to harm a peaceful people.  While it’s true that this maniacal being may have taken lives, and limbs, and replaced them with sorrow, he/she can never steal the tenacity and spirit that lives within those runners.  Runners are fighters.  Runners are peaceful.  Runners keep going even when the pain is unimaginable.  Runners run to heal, to thrive, to live, to find their best self.  That cannot be stolen from them.  So today I run in honor of those who persevere.  I run for Boston.

Courtesy of Run Like a Mother

Courtesy of Run Like a Mother

Today I’m sporting my San Diego Race Shirt in Honor of Boston.

May peace be with each of you.  And may your run feed your spirit today.

For a first hand look at the finish line I recommend this article


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  1. I have been waiting for a post from you about this with anticipation because I knew you would touch the wound with your own empathy as a runner~! Thanks for sharing!


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