Stop the Insanity!


Like all parents, our lives are filled to the brim with baseball, coaching, homework, playdates, school functions, board meetings, job searching and part-time gigs, tax deadlines, hobbies, guests, making friends, keeping up the house, and, oh yeah, raising a decent family of boys.  Life was starting to feel insane and now seemed as good a time as any to focus on fixing the issues that are causing us to be psycho parents and our boys devilish little minions.

So this weekend we played baseball:

IMG_0927IMG_0956And then I made cookies to soften the blow of the upcoming family meeting:IMG_1389And then we put a stop to the insanity!  Chore Chart and Consequence Chart Written, Discussed, and Hung in the kitchen:IMG_1388

IMG_1387We’ve stopped the bleeding and I think we have control back?  At least the boys believe we are back in charge and that’s all that matters! Their response has been very positive.  Each boy likes knowing exactly what he is responsible for and what his consequences will be if he makes a bad choice.  Easy for us too.  Fingers crossed that we have officially stepped off the crazy train!


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  1. You two are awesome! Love the chart, consequences and you taking charge of life in such a calm way! Good examples both of you. And, the pictures were great, too. Randy and I read each and every chore and consequence. Love love love and love love love those boys!


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