Muffin Top Be Gone


I recently read a post by Anna Luther called Cure for Muffin Top.  I read this because I’m a mom who has some chub in the middle but I still like my jeans.  I’ve discovered that since I’ve gained weight, my ass and legs will still fit in my skinny jeans but the button and zipper are in defiance of meeting in the middle.

Get them to button and Voila, major muffin top (and that’s if I get them to button).  I like me a good muffin top just not one that spills over my pants and amplifies my mid-section.

Muffin Tops Are Ready

(Photo credit: Mr. Ducke)

Normally I would just buy a pair of pants that fit but seeing as my husband has been unemployed for 9 months buying new jeans does not quite equate to the same need as, oh, I don’t know….feeding the kids.  Damn you responsibilites!  I want new jeans!

So I read Anna’s cure and immediately called a friend of mine to share the good news.  Goodbye muffin top.  Hello cut jeans (they’re not doing me much good these days anyhow).  My friend, who shall remain nameless due to the fact that she may not want you to know what she’s hiding under her shirts, begged me not to cut my jeans.

No, don’t cut them!  You’ll get skinny again and you don’t want to cut a good pair of jeans.

So to save a few bucks, listen to wisdom, and to prove that I have no shame, I am showing you what I’m hiding under my blousy, long shirts.  I’ve resorted to wearing my jeans like a pregnant woman and I haven’t been pregnant in over 7 years!!!!  No judging!

All You Need is a Rubberband or Hair Tie!

All You Need is a Rubberband or Hair Tie!

Want to save some money, jump on the rid-yourself-of-muffin-top-revolution.  It’s so worth the saved bucks and the pride of still “fitting” in your skinny jeans!  At least that’s the lie I’m selling myself for now.


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