It’s March Madness, Baby!


It’s March, the time of year my husband lives and dies for!  Not because we celebrate our anniversary or because spring makes its glorious entrance.  No, March is top dog of months because of NCAA basketball and all the madness the tournament will bring.  It’s the sole reason we have cable.  It’s the reason he flies to Vegas with the guys.  The reason he gets out of bed each morning.  The reason March even exists.

This year the boys are in on the fun.  We all filled out our brackets this morning and hung them just below the t.v. like stockings in wait for Santa.   Some boys chose based on their favorite mascot.  Some chose statistically.  There was one who just couldn’t fathom the idea that his favorite team (Oregon Ducks) would not be the crowned champion.  And others we have no idea why they chose what they did.  In fact one child has a 15 and 16 seed in the final four (we’ve secretly printed out a second bracket for him)!  To spice up the bracket fun and to help excuse the hours upon hours in which our television will be lit up, we have a contest that the winner gets to choose the next family fun outing.  Motivation and gambling at its finest.

For the win…Duke, Oregon, Creighton, or Miami?

For the win…Duke, Oregon, Creighton, or Miami?

Welcome to the madness, baby!  May the best woman win (in this house of boys that leaves just one winner…me!).



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