Laughter for Breakfast


Each morning J likes to do a little stand-up comic routine at the breakfast table as entertainment for his brothers.  In return they stroke his comedic ego with howls of laughter.  Today, J sat at the head of the table with his audience of six-year-old cereal eaters anxiously awaiting the joke that would cue their giggle responses.  I was washing dishes listening in with one ear when I overheard today’s comedy sketch and unexpectedly found myself in hysterics along side the boys.   The stuff he comes up with!

So, P, when you were growing in mom’s tummy, you were all kickin’ back thinking life is great.  I’ve got my twin brother in here keeping me busy with kicks to the face.  I can be lazy all day.  This lady carries me around while I sleep comfortably in this warm, dark place.  But, man, the snacks in here are terrible!  C’mon!


Laughter for breakfast.  Yes, Please.

Armpit Farts…another fan favortie

Armpit Farts…another fan favorite



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