It’s a Love/Hate Kinda Thing


All boys were given the assignment by me, aka “meanie mom”, to write one page on any topic of their choosing.  Our oldest hates to write.  Hates it to a point that he cries, starts throwing out anger words, and would probably rather poke his eye out with a steaming, hot fork!  Child 3 on the other hand loves to write.  He lives to write and asks if he can go to a writing camp over the summer.

Can you guess which child wrote which?  Ha!

It's a hate thing

It’s a hate thing

Translation: J’s Hate List: I hate writing.  I hate bed time.  I hate veggies.  I kinda like reading.  I hate dolls.  I hate barbies.  I hate poop.  I hate singing.  I hate diapers.  I hate pee.  I hate farts. I hate tomatoes.  I hate spiders.  I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate love.
Clarified later:  He doesn’t hate family love.  He hates kissy kissy kind of love.

S’s Writing Sample:

It's a love thing

It’s a love thing

I’ve been both these people.  With writing it’s a fine balance between love and hate.  Positive and Negative. I’m glad to see my family is balanced too!


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