Loving this Genius!


It’s been just over a decade since my life was saved by the hands of some really great surgeons.  For over a year I had suffered from chronic pancreatitis spending most of my time in and out of the hospital.  If I wasn’t hospitalized I was constantly in pain.

That said, every day I am extremely thankful for my health.  I am extremely thankful for the doctors who were able to save my life by removing the half of my pancreas that was housing a pre-cancerous tumor.  And every new day that I continue to be healthy I am appreciative for the advances in science.  The advances that may make my chances at life all the better if my pancreas were ever to suffer from disease again.

Yesterday I had the honor of seeing this video of  15 year old, Jack Andraka, who is pioneering the way to make futures possible for those who are inflicted with pancreatic cancer!  Love this kid!!!!

I actually love single-walled carbon nanotubes.  They’re like the super heroes of material science.


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