Did Obama Commit Political Suicide?

Newsweek declares President Barack Obama the country's first gay president following his endorsement of same-sex marriage.

I, personally, am a supporter of President Obama and I am elated that he stepped forward to announce his support of gay marriage.  I believe he has earned the honor of the Gaylo that Newsweek donned on their cover this week.  I’ve heard the argument that this was a political move on his part and nothing more.  I happen to disagree.  Claiming support for gay marriage the day after NC just overturned gay and civil unions by a large margin is more of a political risk than a political gain.  I applaud Obama for taking a stand that challenges our country to provide equality for each and every citizen.

Dan SavageIn honor of International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia  I am celebrating the revolution and encouraging people to vote in a way that ends the negative views and bullying of our homosexual citizens.  It’s no longer acceptable to sit quietly and ignore the issue.

I highly encourage you to listen to Dan Savage’s take on Obama’s declaration.  I think it’s very powerful.
Savage will give you the gay perspective while at the same time calling out the hyperbole declared by conservative news stations like Fox News and Limbaugh who both claim “Obama has declared a war on marriage”.
Listen until the 11:45 mark and not a second past 11:45 for those of you who are sexually conservative!  The following segment(s) on the Savage Lovecast may actually scare you 🙂


Or if you don’t like to listen and you’d rather watch a great take on how historic this is and why it’s necessary watch this clip from Rachel Maddow…


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