Happy Valentine’s Day


Besides the true love I have learned to give myself I have also been gifted true love from my best friend, Mark.  Mark is a man who sacrifices daily for me.  He provides for me and our family.  He lets me fail and does not ask me to come crawling for forgiveness.  He does not lord over me.  He cares for me when I’m sick.  Talks to me when I ask for conversation.  Gives me advice when I ask for it.  He showers me with hugs and kisses.  He takes an interest in me.  He invests in me.  He encourages me.  He stands by me even when I take a direction different than the one he’d choose.
Every day I know that I am loved.  I never have to wonder and I never have a set of rules to follow in order to receive that love.  To me Mark is the model of true love and I feel extremely lucky to experience his gift to me each and every moment.
So this Valentine’s Day I wish true love for all.  Wouldn’t that make this world a little bit more wonderful?
I love you, Mark.  I couldn’t ask for more in my best friend.


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