No Child Waiting


Yesterday I posted about the need for christians to stop controlling women’s access to birth control and abortions but rather do something positive such as start caring for the half a million foster children in the US.  Read Here.

Today I want to prove I can be positive too and give props to the Arizona churches that are calling on their members to do just that.  I heard about No Child Waiting through my ex-home church and found myself very interested in seeing what the church communities were asking their members to do.

A description of NCW and their mission:

No Child Waiting is a coalition of Evangelical churches and non-profit agencies who envision a day when there is no child waiting to be placed in a home. There are over 500 children in Arizona that are eligible to be adopted but are awaiting a home. There are 11,000 children in foster care that need healthy homes and families to provide support, mentoring, love and grace through this difficult time in their family. The church is clearly called in Scripture to care for these children:

We exist to glorify God by uniting and mobilizing the Evangelical churches in Arizona for the purpose of connecting every waiting child in foster care into Christ centered families by December 31, 2015.

Now this is a mission I can support the church in.  Currently there are 14 churches/organizations in AZ involved with NCW.  If you would like to encourage your pastoral staff to become part of NCW ask them to join the cause.

The churches encourage their members to not only foster/adopt the children but also are encouraging members who are not in a position to foster/adopt to be mentors to teens in the foster system or offer support to the families that have taken on the extra burden of housing children.  There are many ways one can be involved and successfully care for these many children.

My only hang up is that I know of some of these organizations.  One through which we adopted our fourth son.    They have mission statements and requirements of faith to care for children.  Children will only be adopted to heterosexual married couples.  No adoptions to same sex couples, non-christian couples, or singles.  My feeling is that if you really cared about this mission to provide “healthy homes and families” you would open up the consideration to more than just evangelicals who are willing to sign a statement of faith.  But you can read my rant on that organization and it’s policies on this previous post: Only Christians Need Apply

But seeing as this is mostly positive I want to at least acknowledge that some churches seem to have the right focus.  Be a part of the positive change.  That ultimately makes the biggest difference.

If you would like to learn more attend an information meeting:

On February 11, 2012 from 1pm-5pm at Scottsdale Bible Church hear about AZ kids who are waiting, the process of adoption from foster care and ways to support adoptive families. In addition, agency and county representatives will be on site to answer questions and help you get started.


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