Registered Republican

Yesterday I saw this Facebook post:
What a great freedom to be part of a democratic society.  What a great privilege to have a voice when it comes to political agendas.  
But marriage should not be a political battle.  Equality should not be a voting matter.  Under the constitution it should be automatically granted to all citizens of the United States regardless of race, gender, or sexual preference.  
If the christian church has a problem with gay marriage the institution of the church has the right to deny wedding ceremonies or membership to same-sex couples.  
The federal government should have zero to do with upholding biblical standards. Zilch.  Zip.  Nada.  
That said I recognize this simply does not hold true in present day America.  I recognize how vitally important each vote is so I went in search for my voter registration card yesterday and found that I am still a registered republican.  I haven’t voted republican in quite some time so thought now seemed a good time to change my political party.  
I plopped myself down in front of the application pen in hand when I had a simple Aha moment.  
I’ve seen far too many republican debates these past months.  I’ve read too much about prayer rallies, pray the gay out clinics, adding creation to science courses in public schools, filling prisons, immigration reform, attacks on atheists,  etc etc all supported by republican candidates.  I’ve seen the anti-gay ads.  I’ve seen and heard enough to realize that I am going to remain registered as a republican so I can have a vote in the primary.  So I can voice my anti-Perry/Santorum stance.  
This election my “republican” vote goes to Ron Paul.
Just the tip on Santorum:

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