Watering Holes


This weekend we spent our hot, desert summer days swimming at The AZ Grand Resort in Phoenix with hundreds and hundreds of other desert dwellers.
I found myself bobbing up and down in the wave pool shoulder to shoulder with sweaty, dirty, nearly naked strangers all trying to get respite from the 110 degree temps.  In front of me a girl is crying as her bloody nose drips, drips, drips in to the water.  A child to my left wipes huge amounts of stringy snot off his face and rinses his hands in the water.  My boys are laughing about how many times they go pee in the water.  I cut my toe open on a sharp object on the bottom of the pool and walk around with a gaping hole in my big toe just inviting all forms of bacteria to attack my system.  I watch a teenage boy helplessly try to cover his erection that he’s probably been sporting all day with the kazillions of bikini clad, big-titted women walking around seducing male attention.  Men are foaming at the mouth scheming all the ways they can spread their genetic seed.  Off in the distance is the creepy man who I have been eyeing all day, keeping my little boys close-by and out of harm’s way.  Multiple band-aids slowly float by my face as though taunting my already morbid and disgusting thoughts.  We refer to this as weekend entertainment?  We do this, why?
And I suddenly feel outside myself.  I look around, turn to Mark and say “Holy Fuck, we are no different than elephants and rhinos at the watering hole! This is way too weird!”
All I could see is us as a species flocking to the known watering hole, seeking to cool ourselves down, swimming in “muddy” waters, females luring with T & A and males puffing out their chests to win the rights of mating season.  The predator is lurking just beneath the surface to devour his young prey. It was all so mindless, so unthinking, so innate.  So trippy and enlightening!
World's Most Crowded Wave Pool (Tokyo Summerland, Japan)I’m not sure we should keep priding ourselves on being this greatly evolved and complex species.  From my vantage point it is hard to determine whether we would appear any differently than our  mammalian brothers and sisters of the wild.  I’m thinking we might all look quite the same dipping in the pools of the AZ desert or plunging in the watering holes of the african desert.  Mighty similar I tell you, mighty similar.


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