Our Boys are Thinking


S (age 5):  “So when I die it just keeps raining doesn’t it?”
He’s beginning to recognize that rain was here prior to his existence and rain will continue after his existence.  His ceasing to exist does not change what is and has been.

Conversation in the car with J (age 8):
J: What is debt, mom?
A: Debt is typically money owed to whomever it was borrowed from.  Some people have debts to friends or family members.  Others have credit card companies that they owe money to.  Others home mortgages.  And then countries like the US have so much debt that they currently owe 14 trillion dollars to people, companies and other countries.  Can you believe that?
J: WOW!  That’s a lot of money!  How does that happen?
A: People tend to think they need more than they do so they act irresponsibly with money to get what they want.
J: Does the US owe some of that money to China?  I see that China makes a lot of the toys I play with.
A: Yes, they absolutely do.  How do you think China is going to feel when the US is unable to pay back that debt?
J: They are going to be sad and angry.
A: That’s right.
J: So if we aren’t paying China to build stuff for us are they our slaves?
A: Wow, what an interesting perspective, J.  They aren’t our slaves because we don’t own them.  They choose to keep loaning us money.  But I’m sure it can feel like enslavement at times.  Being in debt and owing money to lots of people can also make you enslaved.  When you borrow what you don’t have you have to spend lots of time paying that back and usually you figure out you never really even needed the thing you borrowed money for.
J: I wish we all would just be happy with what we have and not make China work so hard.
A: Me too, J, me too.
S: Whoa, mom, did you just see that car transporter!
And we were on to the next topic 🙂

It’s beautiful to see these brains working to figure out the world around them.


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