I had the privilege of attending the movie I Am at the Loft Cinema and here are my thoughts.

The Loft is one of those must visit places in Tucson that I have never visited for very silly reasons.  This is going to sound absurd now that I’ve actually attended a film there.  I have never seen a movie at The Loft because I have always believed them to be a liberal business of the devil.  Seriously!  My ideas came about some time during my christian life because the Loft regularly hosts a Rocky Horror Picture Show sing-a-long.  And, sadly, I can shamefully admit that I had made this judgement without ever seeing the Rocky Horror Show or visiting Loft  I was just unwilling to support a facility that so clearly endorsed events that were unchristian in nature.

So here I am a year in to my unbelief and a movie called I Am is recommended to me and it’s playing at the Loft!  I was so excited!
Needless to say The Loft was AWESOME.  Movie on a big screen snuggled up to Mark on a couch drinking tap beer.  Does it get any better than that?!?

The movie on the other hand was a good rental (unless you are seeing it at The Loft).  It inspired me to keep pushing for relational harmony with other human beings.  It inspired me to keep striving toward the goal of living below my means so I can give back just a little more.  It inspired me to keep trying to strive for peace and acceptance of all people, religious and non.  I let go of a little anger that evening and a movie that can do that is definitely worth watching.   It’s scientific depth was a little on the light side and that’s where my disappointment resides.

So if you are in Tucson and haven’t beeen to the The Loft I highly encourage you to check out this local business.  It’s a great little place.

Second movie:
My sister won us tickets to see Kung Fu Panda 2 and I can’t say enough good things about this children’s movie!   For those with adopted families the message is clear and beautiful.  My oldest came away saying how thankful he is for today and the family he has now.
My only complaint is the way the movie ended (an obvious set up for Panda 3) but it left me wondering how they will bridge the birthparent and adoptive parent relationship in the next film.
But as for entertainment and a good message….two thumbs up!


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Wife, Mama, Certified Wellness Life Coach, Certified Vet Tech, adoption and special needs advocate, adventure seeker, wannabe vegetarian, freethinker, knowledge hunter, secular humanist. Love writing, distance running, cycling, hiking, photography, nature, essential oils, natural medicine, traveling, RVs and tents, reading, adventures, organizing, authentic living, good beer, acoustic music and happy to have landed in Costa Rica for this moment in time.

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