The Ham Scam


I have a personal interest in Ken Ham and his AiG scammers.  He attended my parents’ church last weekend and they have bought in to what he’s selling.  In fact three of his books (Already Gone: Why your kids will quit church and what you can do to stop it, Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions, And I believe the third book was about the evolution lie but the title escapes me) were proudly displayed on their coffee table.  My kneejerk reaction was “Why do they buy in to the crap this guy is selling?  Why do they only read books that support what they want to believe? I’ve let them know what a crapper I think Ken Ham is, why don’t they ever ask me, Why?”  I was instantly taken back to a previous blog I had written about Seekers of Truth vs Defenders of Faith and realized that they will always be Defenders of Faith so questioning will do nothing more than give them reasons to find crazy arguments that will allow them to keep their faith.  And this is probably true of most of the hammies.

Believing what Ken Ham sells is not a horrible thing if you are a Christian.  In fact, if you are a christian I think you should believe what he sells.  A literal interpretation of the Bible. Or is it just a literal interpretation of the first 11 chapters?   Anything other than a literal interpretation is somewhat of a fancy dance one must perform picking and choosing which interpretation they can actually swallow in their day to day defense of the One True Word of God.  I don’t think one is stupid for believing Ken Ham and his outlandish dinosaur and dragon stories.  Rather I think they NEED a literal interpretation of Genesis in order to anchor their faith.  They NEED it to be true.  Ken Ham and AiG scum scammers know this.  They know there is a huge market of fearful believers and their children just begging to be preyed upon.  Where there is money to be made the wolves will proudly don the sheep’s clothing.  And sadly the sheep will follow those wolves to slaughter.  

Instead of baaaa baaaaaing their way behind Ham and his nonsense I wish believers of his nonsense would just do a little research, ask a few questions, and realize that Ham and his fellow piggies are either crazy or genius businessmen.  

In 20 minutes of research today I learned that Ham believes in the Loch Ness Monster, fire-breathing dragons, that black people are the cursed sons of Noah, evolution is the root of all racism, he wrote a book about how 90% of our young churched kids are lost to God before they enter college but is now releasing a book about how our compromised christian colleges are losing our christian kids to atheism (what the other 10% left over from your previous book that hadn’t been lost yet?), Adam and Eve is mankind’s reason for wearing clothes (ummmm what about all the tribes that still don’t wear clothes?).
Ham was recently kicked out of a fundamentalist homeschool conference.  HA!

Ham believes in a literal flood story that includes dinosaurs on the ark and believes that christians non-belief of this is credited to the downfall of the church yet in order to make more money he and AiG are willing to forego putting dinosaurs on the Ark Encounter because removing them will appeal to more visitors thus more cash in the pocket.  AiG has compromised some literal beliefs while soliciting the good state of Kentucky for money.

Credible or Scam?  I know I’ve made my mind up but I’ve done my homework.

Here’s just a few sites, including AiG, to help you along with your own discovery.


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