What to do on Rapture Day?


I was invited to attend a seminar hosted by our local Calvary church this Saturday which also happens to be Rapture Day.  Saturday morning and afternoon are lectures given by Dr. Richard Oliver, CEO and Founder of Confound the Wise Ministries (http://confoundthewise.org/) Dr.  Oliver was an evolutionary biologist before he was convinced that evolution is false and creation is truth.  Confound the Wise Ministries has this mission statement:

 To Proclaim the True and Unerring Word of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Holy Scriptures within the Realm of Modern Science and Technology.

On Saturday he will give two lectures.  The first being Dr. Oliver’s testimony of his journey from a believer in evolution to a believer in the Biblical view of Creation.
His second lecture is titled: Faith Without Excuse
In this lecture Dr. Oliver will share the scientific reliability of the Bible and how faith plays in to that.

I’m slightly tempted to attend these first set of lectures simply because I am curious how Dr. Oliver will scientifically prove the Bible and how science and faith can possibly be buddies.  So I started to do a little research on Dr. Oliver and found that I’m probably just going to sit in the Calvary pew scoffing at the absurdities he’s preaching.  And feeling sad for all the gullibles who are going to swallow every morsel he feeds them without even bothering to taste it first.  Yet since I don’t know that much about Dr. Oliver I am still slightly interested in listening to his young earth sell.  
But then I remind myself Saturday is rapture day so I very well could be sitting in a near empty church with a few other lost souls with no Dr. Oliver to speak.  And as wonderful as that sounds I realize that a christian will be babysitting all four of my boys so I might need to rush home and keep them from destroying themselves unless they too get the privilege of innocence and are raptured straight to heaven.  If that’s the case Mark and I will have to just go and take that 15th honeymoon.

The evening part of the lecture series titled The Importance of Genesis in Today’s World teaches the relevance of a literal interpretation of the book of Genesis and how it anchors faith.  
Ah that I am completely uninterested in.  I’ve studied enough to know that a literal interpretation of Genesis is just not going to fly in this scientific day and time.  
And then I discover that this sermon will be given by none other than Ken Ham!  Oh no, please say it ain’t so.  For those who don’t know Ken Ham let me give you just a little background.  Ham is the president and CEO of AiG (answers in genesis) and the Creation Museum (http://www.answersingenesis.org/)  He is also currently collecting funds to build the Ark Encounter of which yesterday the state of Kentucky approved giving Ham $43 million in tax breaks plus $11 million in road improvements.  All this state money to build a literal interpretation of the Biblical flood story!!!! But I sidetrack.  
Ham teaches that the church must keep a literal interpretation of Genesis in order to keep God’s truth. In short God is against homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, suicide.  God created the universe in 6 days.  Evolution is anti-God.  Ham even goes as far to say that evolution is the root of all racism.  The universe and dinosaurs are only a few thousand years old.  All men are inherently bad and deserving of God’s wrath.
I had so many piles of BS to sift through that it was nearly impossible to pick which stink to share.  But this Q and A from his AiG website for kids really made his BS pile just too foul to keep sifting through.
Question from Hannah (age unknown):

In the story of Jacob, Esau, Isaac & Rebekah, who was bad and who was good? Jacob tricked his brother, Esau wanted to kill his brother because of it, and Rebekah encouraged Jacob to trick Isaac, so who was good and who was bad?

AiG answer (condensed but no less vomit worthy):

That’s a great question, Hannah! It can get very confusing when we try to sort out which people are good and which people are bad. It can help to consider things from a biblical viewpoint.

Did you know that in Romans 3:23, the Bible says that all people have “sinned and fall short of the glory of God?” This means that everyone who has sinned is separated from God and considered bad. Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, and Esau all did things that were bad. They were all sinners, which made them all bad in the eyes of God.

Neither Jacob nor Esau were good enough for God. However, God showed mercy to Jacob and pursued him (Genesis 28:11–15Genesis 31:3,11–13,2432:1–2,24–30). God did this because He wanted to.

Do you realize that Jesus, through His mother, Mary, was a descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Luke 3:23–38? All the families of the earth have certainly been blessed through Jesus, the Savior!

Isaac, Rebekah and Jacob looked forward to a Savior and believed that God would keep His Word (See Hebrews 11:1–21 for examples of this). They had faith in God’s promises (Hebrews 11:13). Esau did not have this faith.

Hannah, we are all sinners, which means we are all bad. We all deserve punishment.

How about that for a dose of childhood fear and inadequacy!!!!!!!

I could spend days sifting Ham shit but I’m starting to feel a little dirty.
I think it’s time I kindly decline Saturday’s offer, erase my search history,
and use all my energy to will a rapture.  I’m beginning to think we  really
could use a rapture and use it soon.



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