Surviving the Godfest


Who knew that you could avoid the sunday morning pulpit and bring Christ right in to your living room on Sunday nights?  If you wanted a little backwards christian churching all you had to do was tune in to CBS every Sunday night for Survivor Redemption Island.

This season there were two ‘gods’ on Survivor.  There was Rob and then there was Jesus Christ.  Both received significant amounts of publicity, worship, faithful and loyal followers, undeserved glory and they both gave their followers a false sense of security.
Rob had his followers looking quite cultish.  They couldn’t eat without asking, they couldn’t speak to other members of other tribes, they had to run everything through him first and ultimately he would decide their destiny.  He would decide which faithful servant he would take to heaven (the final 3) and which he would send to hell (Redemption Island).   And I understand why Rob would need to play the god role…he has a lot invested in this game.  There’s a million dollars at stake.  He has a reputation to uphold.  Makes sense to me.  Play god by controlling the tribe with lies and deceit and manipulation.

Counter that with Jesus Christ.  The invisible but absolute leader of Matt and many other contestants this season.  Matt was by far the most faithful and public follower of Jesus and made sure Jesus directed his every move.  He asked Jesus to control his strategic options, to help him win challenges, to make the right alliances, to provide him with winning a million dollars in a game built on everything anti-christian.  Matt took every opportunity to insure that fellow contestants and  we as viewers would know how devoted he was to Jesus.  How committed he was to glorifying Jesus in every situation.  How certain he was that Jesus would bless him.  I had a few moments where I literally had to pause the television until I stopped laughing.  Does Matt really believe that Jesus had a hand in casting him in the game of Survivor?  Does he really believe that Jesus was answering his prayers about which tribe he should choose?  Does he really believe that when he wanted to go home but he instead won the challenge that Jesus directed his ball to break the necessary tiles to stay in the game?  Does he really believe that he was sent back to redemption island a second time it was because Jesus was testing him?  Does he really believe that when Mike gave the other tribe time with their family over spending time with his own family that it was what Jesus would do?  And that in that moment Mike did more to witness to the millions of viewers than he had the entire time on Survivor?  Does he truly truly believe that Jesus cares at all about his choice to play a reality game show?
I guess Jesus didn’t think his servant was quite faithful enough to reward him with a million dollars.  Maybe if Jesus actually was invested and helping Matt’s game Matt blew his chances at the money when he acted unchristian like toward Andrea.  Harboring anger at being backstabbed and making her sleep on the ground just to spite her.  Maybe Jesus didn’t like that, Matt?  I mean, ouch, Matt, you ultimately got blindsided by Jesus when he stopped helping you win challenges and caused you to join the jury on the very last challenge you needed win.
 In the end of god vs god.  It was the evil god, Rob, that was able to outwit, outplay, and outlast.
Well at least it’s down to Matt and Rob for the $100,000 fan choice award.  Oh, double ouch, Rob god wins the million and the 100k.
Lesson learned: Matt admits that he might have been more successful had he used some logic and reason rather than just faith.


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