Sink or Swim Time.


Oh the chaos.

4 boys (ages 8,5,5, and 4)
3 dogs (one 8 year old, one 4 year old with chronic pancreatitis, lupus, and spinal disease, and one 8 week old great dane puppy)
4 chickens (added to the family in april)
A dying bin of compost worms
A marathon in 4 weeks
A much needed sale of a home at a financial loss
And a consistently messy messy house

Makes me think of that line in the song by The Script:
“Just prayed to a god I don’t believe in…”

Might be time for a good bottle of wine:)

I’m extremely happy with my chaotic family life.  I know my life is rich beyond measure.  Just needed a deep exhale.


About ThinkingWithVitality

Wife, Mama, Certified Wellness Life Coach, Certified Vet Tech, adoption and special needs advocate, adventure seeker, wannabe vegetarian, freethinker, knowledge hunter, secular humanist. Love writing, distance running, cycling, hiking, photography, nature, essential oils, natural medicine, traveling, RVs and tents, reading, adventures, organizing, authentic living, good beer, acoustic music and happy to have landed in Costa Rica for this moment in time.

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