The Green Dragon-Happy Earth Day


I love earth day!  All things Earth have become a focus in our family as of late and the boys are loving all the ways we are becoming good stewards of this planet.  It feels really good to be part of the change.

As a christian in my twenties I was very wary of the environmental movement and those greenies or granolas who cared more about the planet than their salvation.  I’m not sure if I was taught that caring for the environment was a ploy of dark forces or if it was just the place where I chose to set my beliefs.  But somewhere along the line I feared the environmental movement and I specifically remember shunning new age practices such as yoga.  The yoga diss is something I know I was taught.  I was told that allowing your mind to be quiet during a session of yoga was an invitation to the dark forces.  It was the eastern practice of voodoo.  And so I stayed wary and stayed far far away from environmental practices and yoga studios.  
People, christians in particular, continually tell me that I’m crazy for thinking anyone was ever against these ideas or practices.  And so I have wondered if I made it all up in my wacky, little head but then this week one lady (christian) emailed me telling me about how her christian friend emailed her about the spiritual dangers of yoga.  Ah, I’m not alone!  Someone out there has heard it too.  And then I went a little further and decided to google the green movement and found a christian movement called Resisting the Green Dragon.  This is a 12 week DVD course produced by Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation teaching christians “a biblical response to one of the greatest deceptions of our day.”  
The two minute preview suggests that environmentalists are “seducing your children” and have a “twisted view of the world…elevates nature above people.  Of even the poorest and most helpless.” “Environmentalism offers it’s own doctrine of god, of creation, of humanity, of sin, and of redemption.”
In the past I have said that often times religious followers neglect the needs of this planet and the life on it because they are waiting for second coming and God would not have created a planet that man alone could destroy.  This is one of those movements I think is damaging to the future needs of all mankind.  For those of us who don’t believe the second coming is going to happen, the care of the planet and all it’s inhabitants is of utmost importance.  I’m hoping that resisting the green dragon will not become a priority for many religious followers but rather that they could look at the earth as god’s gift to man and a gift that all should treat with respect.  

Back to how much I love earth day!  I guess it’s just another one of those horrible pagan ideas I’ve learned to love and embrace.  We have made some small and some big changes in our house in order to better care for this planet that we rely so heavily upon.  We can all make a few little changes (without becoming enslaved to the green dragon) and make a positive impact for our children.  
Another great Helen Keller quote to kick off our change list:

I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do. Helen Keller 

We’re Going Green.
We no longer:

  • use disposable straws.  We use reusable straws.
  • use plastic bottles
  • use plastic plates, bowls, cups…even the boys use glass.
  • use paper towels/napkins.  We use towels to clean up and cloth napkins at meals.
  • pour water down the drain.  We find a plant or dog bowl to pour it in to.
  • buy cut flowers.  We only give potted plants as gifts
  • plastic bags (we use reusable cloth bags and produce bags)  
  • ziplocs or foil (we use glass containers)
  • disposable overnight pants (we use happy heiny washable overnight pants for boy who still wets bed)  
  • kill bugs in our house (unless they are poisonous…scorpions/centipedes).  We have a great time catching them and releasing them to the chickens or to the desert.


  • Mark tries to ride his bike to work as often as possible.
  • We use recycled paper and recycled cans/jugs for art projects.  The boys now paint on rocks instead of buying paper.
  • We wrap with recycled paper
  • I buy organic face products that are made with sustainable energy.  
  • We started worm composting
  • Organic foods
  • Open windows until the heat is unbearable
  • We planted carrots, bell peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes
  • We only use rechargeable batteries
  • We bought six chickens to produce eggs and fertilize our yard
  • We just signed a lease for solar panels

Changes we hope to make soon:

  • Downsize house
  • Move closer to school
  • Go down to one car 
  • Try not to buy any new clothes, books or toys.  Only recycled items.  If we do buy something new we need to donate one item for every item received.
  • Always carry a plastic to go container so we don’t need to use  disposable to go containers at restaurants
  • eat by candlelight every night
  • eat local food when eating out
  • Join CSA (
  • Go vegetarian (this might take us a lifetime since we are meat lovers!)

These are really simple things we have done to leave a little less of us behind.  It’s amazing what these small, conscious choices have done.  We used to think we needed a second trash bin as we were filling it up each week.  The last four weeks I have rolled out our bin and it’s not even half full.  Our recycle bin is always full.  
I went to to remove my name from much of the junk mail we receive and as I receive catalogs and other junk I simply call or email the company to let them know I would no longer like to receive their advertisements.  This keeps me from seeing all the things I think I must buy too!

What changes have you guys made?  I’d love to hear more ideas on the changes all of us can make.


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  1. I am so proud of all the changes you guys have made–and so quickly, at that! We are a little slower going, but we are trying with our garden, compost, shopping bags, buying local and organic, etc. I love the idea of bringing your own take out container. Where did you find your produce bags?


  2. Alli,You guys are a great, green example too. I'm still dying to try making my own butter:)I bought my produce bags at and also buy my method laundry detergent there. It's a plant based detergent and comes in refillable bottles. Can't say enough great things about and…two affiliated delivery sites. Have loved them since the boys were newborns and grocery shopping became more difficult.Also not sure what you use to pack lunches for your big and small boys but I highly recommend laptop lunchboxes for the little ones. Sterling and I love his! For the big boy you can use glass containers instead of ziplocs or they make a great reusable sandwich bag. Check out http://www.ultimategreenstore.comAnd get chickens! They have been so easy and so much fun:)(if your homeowners association will allow them)-Amy-


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