Day 6: August 25, 2010


The girls have been hiding out from us.  It’s always the boys who are interested in playing and rallying for attention.  So today some of us headed up to the girl’s dorm and had them braid our hair.  For over 1.5 hours these girls were huddled around us braiding.  By the time we had to leave my hair was so greasy and full of crunchy sections from all the little dirty hands.
Threw on a hat and headed into town to pick up Natalie from her foster family.  She has cerebral palsy and needs to be held or in her chair at all times.  She’s a beautiful little girl with a bright smile and a zest for life.  She has wonderful foster parents who care for and love her deeply.  On the way to get her we passed another orphanage full of more beautiful little ones.  There’s question as to whether that orphanage is legitimately run.  I guess the owner is Haitian and bought all the children.  Rumor has it they only eat one meal a day and yet the owner has multiple homes and a really nice car.  Nobody in Haiti has a car unless you are wealthy or have a business.
The afternoon was spent photographing the remaining children and the nannies.  The nannies were a lot of fun.  One wanted her photo taken while ironing, one snuck off to fix her hair and put on earrings, one we had to tickle to get her to smile, and the kitchen staff let us hold a branch of bananas and try to balance fruit on our head.  The women here are amazing in what they are able to balance on their heads. We’ve seen pillows, baskets, buckets, big tin containers, fruit and ice chests.
We had praise and worship after dinner and the kids all singing together is truly a melody.  Kerby still wins my heart every time with his machine gun cackle and his confused deep and wide.  I seriously want to sneak this child in my bag to America.  He’s a little deaf boy who still needs a sponsor.  We all agree that Kerby looks a little like Kermie.

Sharna and Kerby

We had our first storm tonight and we had a dance party in the rain with some of the older boys.  We made a circle and chanted, “Go Marco, go Marco…Go Jr, Go Jr….etc etc”  while we all took turns dancing in the center.  Awesome Night!


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